Orchids (or'-kids) n. Flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors.
Welcome to The Orchids, Kotono's complete collection of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon-inspired fanfiction. Read and enjoy!
The Orchids

Beyond Love
A love forbidden is carried on in secret. Two souls separated by darkness find a way to reunite once again. But evil is gazing, and it won't rest until this love is destroyed. A poem for Minako and Kunzite.

It is present-day Tokyo and Rei reflects upon the Moon Kingdom's last battle and her losses along the way.

Releasing the Spirit
Set four years after the battle with Chaos, Rei is a solitary twenty-year-old living alone at her shrine. This sexy piece of prose examines the events following the appearance of a handsome stranger.

Always, Makoto
Usagi, Ami, Rei, Minako, Haruka, Senpai, Nephrite
A collection of letters from Makoto to her closest friends, soldiers, and loves to be read after she will have died.

Lover of Venus
A sonnet written by Kaitou Ace for the tragic loss of his Princess of Venus. Adonis's lament.

The Seedlings

Secret of the Blue Rose
An epic tale of love and loss as seen through the eyes of the Ice Senshi. Set in the Silver Millennium during the final age of the Moon Kingdom.

Chain of Stars
Adonis is a lowly soldier hopelessly in love with the beautiful Princess of Venus, but who is he to compete with his Commanding General?

From My Star
Letters from the Senshi to their lost loves (and vice versa) about the final battle of the Moon Kingdom.

Songs without Words
Chaos has been abolished and the earth and moon are at peace, so why do the senshi feel restless? And just who is that auburn-haired man who stood beneath Makoto's window that chill November evening?

The Gardener

Kotono is the mastermind behind the many works of fiction located here. She fell in love with Bishoujo Sensi Sailormoon back in 1998. For years she has dreamed up alternate endings and secret occurrances. The orchids are manifestations of the ideas she deems her greatest.

Kotono is a huge fan of the Guardian Senshi/Shitennou romances: they are reflected in much of her work. She also dwells quite a bit on the Moon Kingdom's last battle. Most of her stories are short and include letters and poems. The epics have taken her years to complete.

If you enjoyed the stories posted here, you may want to check out Kotono's other works archived at FanFiction.net. She writes there under the alias Jovian Princess. Also, don't feel shy to leave her a note at the update log. She loves hearing what you think!

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