Always, Makoto

"Always, Makoto," which originally appeared at my Sailorjupiter shrine Emerald Star, is a collection of letters written by Makoto to all of her closest friends and loves. Originally they were to be read after she will have died, kind of a final statement to her loved ones. I seemed to have changed my mind somewhere along the way, for a few of the latter letters are written with referrences to the future.

These works focus mainly on the manga, especially the latter ones. Anime referrences may be made because I did not have a set tone in mind when I wrote these letters; you will no doubt begin to see mixtures of the two styles.

I would also like to clarify that Makoto was never involved with, nor even close to Nephrite in either the anime or the manga. I drew my inspiration from a beautifully drawn artbook picture of the four Senshi with the four Shitennou: Minako and Kunzite, Rei and Jadeite, Ami and Zoisite, and Makoto and Nephrite. (My frequent visitors should be noticing a pattern! ^_-)

I hope you enjoy reading the letters as much as I enjoyed writing them!

The Mastermind,

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