Always, Makoto

Dearest Ami-chan,

Where could I possibly begin? There are so many things I wish to say to you, dear Ami-chan. Like the Aqua Illusion you wield, there is always something unexpected about you. The shy girl at Juuban Junior High is mearly a cover of the true Ami-chan I love so much.
You are a terrific fighter when called ot battle. Foolish others thought you weak; not of use to the senshi team. How fatally wrong. It is true that you may not have been the fiercest, strongest, or toughest warrior of the bunch. But brawn without brains is a terrible mess; your mind was the perfect balance. A few quick clicks on the keyboard of your super-computer often save us from hours of intense battle. And it is your cunning that, at times, truly win the fight. Undoubtedly you remember our final battle with the Dark Kingdom. It was your sharp mind saved us--and the rest of the universe for that matter--from Beryl's reign. Many times you have kept me from rushing into battle, as I often have a tendency to do, and made me see from a different perspective. Thank you for that, Ami-chan.
Not only have you been a great warrior, but you have also been a dear and loving friend. You were always willing to help me with a project or a homework question that I didn't understand. You have more patience than anyone else I know. Like when Usagi bothers you about doing her homework for her, you stay calm and say no, where as I would probably lose my temper. I wish I could be more like you. Your beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes could cheer up anyone. Please, always stay the way you are, the loving and understanding Ami-chan we all know and love.
You are a sweet heart, a disiplined young lady, and a peace maker all wrapped up in one. Who could ever want more in a friend?



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