Always, Makoto

Dear Haruka-san,

I cannot help but think of you as I gaze at the beautiful pale blue heavens above.
The first time I saw you, I was struck with awe at your calm, mysterious motions; the sense of coolness in your voice; the secret in your eyes. I must admit, however, that when I first laid eyes on you, I thought you were a boy. And a very cute one at that! I hope that does not offend you, Haruka-san. Forgive me if I seemed a little lovestruck; the others are often commenting on my various crushes. Even though you weren't the boy of my dreams, you were nothing less than what I hoped you'd be. A skilled fighter, a fun friend, exciting, devoted... a great person to spend a sunny afternoon with. I wanted so much to be like you, Haruka-san. You are such a great person; the woman I want myself to be. A red scarf in my closet is a token of that.
Don't let me decieve you. I was not only drawn to your physique. Your manner caught my attention as well. You have wonderful humor, but know how to be serious when certain matters are discussed. Like our fate. It is difficult fighting a powerful negative force; having limited help; able to trust no one. Even now I am amazed at how well you and Michiru-san held up through it all. I feel very privledged to have you as a team mate. The very grounds quake as you ward off enemies with a passion unlike any other. You are quick with both your fists and your mind; a quality I wish were mine. That I admire about you, Haruka-san. Being physically strong is something anyone can achieve through some hard work, but being emotionally well off is something different. Thank you for being that way. Thank you for being yourself. Our dear Haruka-san.
If ever I am to meet my soul mate, that one person in life who means the world to you, I hope he is nothing less than the kind of person you prove to be.



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