Always, Makoto

Dearest Minako-chan,

My dearest Minako-chan. What a joy and honored privledge it has been to know you. Like most who gazed upon the Goddess Aphrodite, I fell in love with your heart. A heart as pure as your Cresent Beam.
Our trials as senshi were hard and long, but sharing them with you has truly made them memorable. You have been a great friend and partner. Even though you were capable of fighting without us, I am so glad you joined the other senshi. It is a great treat to fight along with a warrior more experienced than I. No matter how tough the villain, you always stayed calm and cool and in the end you were always victorious. I have learned alot from you, Minako-chan. You have taught me to look upon things with a different perspective. I could not imagine going to battle without you right beside me. You and I made a wonderful team.
I am so happy to have met you. Who else would help me search for cute guys? With your unresistable laugh and sense of style, who wouldn't want to spend a day shopping with you? I loved the times we spent together. Even when our differences blinded our commonness and sparked quarrels. They are truly some of the most memorable times of my life. Being with you meant the world to me.
Love and Thunder don't seem to have much in common. One a warm light, the other a violent flash. But somehow we found a common ground. Even in the way of lost love. I understand completely. I know how it is to love someone who does not return your love. What did you feel, Mina-chan? When the one you loved loved another? I know that feeling all too well. I wish you wouldn't have gone through that. I wish I could erase it from your past. It pains me to know that you have hurt. A Goddess of Love should feel nothing less than joy. You reminded me of the nymph Echo, pining for her dear Narcissus, who ran from her and fell in love with another; but unlike Echo, you have maintained a warm, happy exterior to shelter your shattered heart. But you can't fool one who has had the same experience. I saw glimpses of your painful past in the depths of your sky blue eyes. The strength and integrity you harbor truly amaze me.
In the end you are the mysterious senshi, SailorV, the beautiful soldier, Sailorvenus, and our own happy, loving, Minako-chan. It is no wonder that you are the Senshi of Love.



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