Always, Makoto

Dearest Usagi-chan,

Oh, my dear Princess, our beloved Usagi-chan, how wonderful it has been coming to know you. More and more I come to love your innocent, childlike heart.
First of all, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for being the wonderful friend and leader that you are. You have proven yourself worthy of leading the senshi team countless times. I now realize that even though my commerades and I fought with you over leadership responsibilities, none of us could have ever matched you. Not in a thousand lifetimes. When all of us would sacrifice ourselves and you were left alone with only your ginzuishou, your courage and integrity were amazing. When you stood alone against Queen Beryl, you could have easily run away, or just given up, realizing that there was no more hope left of our universe. But you didn't run. You stood tall and defeated her. And because of that, we can now live in a peaceful future on Earth. Your enemies are very fortunate to have you as a counterpart. Your loving ways could (and have) softened the hardest of hearts. Remember Black Lady and the Ayakashi sisters? Because of your mercy they were spared a horrible death and can now live peacefully. Even Galaxia, who was consumed by Chaos, melted with your soft words and unbelievable forgiveness.
I feel so incredibly lucky to have you as a friend. When most looked upon me in fear and tried their best to stay away, you broke the barriers they put up around me and proved that the rumors about me weren't true. I couldn't believe it that day when you so casually popped up and asked to eat lunch with me. Thank you for that simple act, Usagi-chan. Even if it was just your grumbling stomach that brought us together. Your kindness is truly a gift, Usagi-chan. Always use that gift to your advantage and never lose it. You are one of the best friends a girl could ever hope for.
I really believe that it was fate that made that car speed by when it did. Because of it, I have met one of my very dear friends. I love you so much, Usagi-chan, odango and all.

Love Always,


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