Beyond Love

Stars in eyes she gazes at the diamond speckled sky
Knowing all around her that no one else is nigh

She waited in the darkness for her lover to appear
Secret were their meetings for his death she feared

For evil'd overcome him; their love could not compare
He now belonged to Beryl of whom everyone was scared

But her love had won him: he'd had a change of heart
With Queen Selenity's army he wished to take part

As she awaits their meeting her heart fills up with joy
Of their future she is dreaming when lovers they'll be once more

A figure forms before her; his cloak a brilliant white
Grey eyes gazing at her: her lover in the night

She felt his eyes upon her and his strong embrace
Tender kisses planted on her lips and face

Their meeting had been sighted through Beryl's crystal ball
She'd make sure that he was on her side one and for all

The morning breeze was chilling; her heart was filled with glee
When she saw him coming from her friends she fleed

Not noticing their warnings yelled nor his stone cold stare
She went to love him once again, but his heart was bare

Out he drew his gleaming sword and pierced her tender skin
Her cries and blood went to his heart: he remembered once again

In his arms he held his love, his clothes smeared with her blood
This kiss would be their last one for her death had come

The grief was overwhelming; he couldn't bear to live
To know he'd killed his lover, so his life he'd give

A dagger he found on the ground: its tip shined and sharp
With one last apology he stabbed it through his heart

In his final moments that he spent on the moon
He couldn't help but smile knowing he would join her soon

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